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"Analog Memories" consists of twelve, 12x12" in. paintings that may be hung individually or displayed as a single gridded network. Created alongside Watkins' largest stacked piece to date, "SOURCE UNKNOWN", this work made its debut as part of the three-person exhibition 'Ctrl [Alt] Self' at Westobou Gallery in Augusta, GA (June 2022). This is the second iteration of works curated by Allison Westerfield also featuring artists Elise Thompson and Lucia Riffel.


As with much of Watkins' work, language acts as a tool and entryway into the work. These intuitive abstractions draw a connection between psychological space and the digital realm while hinging on tech-based verbiage. Titles such as "Mind Corner (Dark Web)", place this metaphorical relationship in the mind of viewers while acknowledging the mind and/or the (computer)/ internet's propensity ability to compartmentalize. 

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